Everyone is talking about Networking, Internationalization and New Leadership. But what exactly are we talking about? How does Cultural Transformation work? How can we encourage and implement sustainable Teaming structures?

For years, we have been dreaming about an International Leadership Development Program for Executives & HR Leadership.

Now it has become reality. We proudly invite you to embark on our I.E.L.M – the International Executive Leadership Masterclass. A joint international project of xpand France, Germany, Netherlands and South Africa.

Located at inspiring locations near main European airports, we want to reflect on contemporary and effective Leadership Principles, inspiring each other to prepare our organizations for an ever changing future.

I.E.L.M consists of 5 packed and highly valuable modules in a compact yet intensive 3day/2 nights format (Wednesday 15.00 to Friday 15.00).

It combines highly relevant content with an extraordinary networking community of top-class international participants and consultants/coaches.

Moreover, this Masterclass offers effective Individual & Peer Group Coaching sessions, onboarding every participant for a creative and intensive journey inside a unique network. Palpable Community in a „live“ environment.

Training language is English, coaching language optionally English, German, French or Spanish. The modules will take place at locations near Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Frankfurt (Germany)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Paris (France)


  • Enhancement of Individual Leadership attitudes and skills
  • Transformation of Individual & Corporate Leadership mindset
  • Create & Drive possibilities in a challenging and complex environment
  • Accelerate Culture transformation within the Organization
  • Anchoring impact into relevant surroundings & society (CSR/ESG)


The masterclass is a learning journey for an in depth development experience of the participants. The booking of single modules is not possible


THE HERO – A journey into Self Leadership

  • September 23rd – 25th, 2020

  • Personal mastery in the 21th century
  • My story line and self reflection
  • Building blocks of individual potential: personality, talents, values and styles of creativity
  • My mission and big 5 for my professional and private life
  • My healthy integrated work-life style
  • Competences and resources for a strong level of resilience
  • Personal development plan
  • The toolbox for self leadership


THE NAVIGATOR – The Leader’s Challenge in a Complex World

  • December 9th – 11th, 2020

  • Leadership in a VUCA environment
  • Authentic Leadership
  • The executive Leadership scan: My strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • How to handle power and integrity
  • Futurable leadership to lead your organization to the next level
  • Cross-gender, cross-generational and cross-cultural leadership
  • The toolbox of situational leadership
  • My leadership development plan


THE GAME CHANGER – The Power of Metamorphosis

  • March 3rd – 5th, 2021

  • The innovation process in the 21th century
  • The toolbox of Design thinking
  • History and “State of the art” of agility
  • Agile mindset and agile leadership
  • From Ideation to Implementation: Using creativity techniques to empower the unique potential of your team
  • Entrepreneurship and effectuation in a fast changing market
  • Creating our number 1 position in the market
  • My personal lifelong learning plan in innovation and design thinking


THE DESIGNER – Reshaping and Directing the Organization

  • June 16th – 18th, 2021

  • Discover the reality of your organization: Where do you come from?
  • 5 levels of organizational consciousness (Laloux)
  • XOS: the professional organizational scan: Discover strength and weakness of all 7 Organizational Elements
  • Potential and maturity levels of your organization
  • Design your next level of organizational Culture
  • Strategic design to create the roadmap to sustainable success
  • Build to last: Transitional leadership to leverage emotional commitment to change
  • Application of practice cases from your own Environment


THE CO-CREATOR – Enabling WeQ & Nurturing Teaming

  • will be announced soon

  • The elements of the teams of the future
  • Team 4.0 scan: The starting point for your team growth
  • Your unique Team culture as your highest team capital
  • How to get Self responsibility and commitment in your team
  • Building an innovative customer oriented team
  • The toolbox of a WeQ culture and framework
  • Effective conflict handling and courageous feedback
  • Building high performance teams
  • Team of Teams: Creating strong, innovative and effective eco-systems

Speakers & Coaches

Florence de Leyritz

Paul Ch. Donders

Ricardo Wiedenbrueg

Johannes M. Hueger

Jürgen Kast




  • Package price for 5 modules @ 3 days /2 nights: €11.950,- EUR plus VAT
  • Cost includes training modules, materials, coaching, skype sessions, day catering
  • Additional cost: accommodation & breakfast (xpand to provide booking options)

Independently of the participants‘ home country the registration will be handled through Germany

xpand Deutschland GmbH
– Office Erlangen – Günzstr. 9 – 86356
Neusäß – Germany
Phone: +49 (0)821 21700090

course-language: English